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  • Fort Saint André (30/03/2007)
    Are you taking a picture of the Church down the hill ? well... mmh... yesyesIdo !!
  • Gordes et Roussillon (29/03/2007)
    oh nooooo !!! we can't visit, its closed ! oups....
  • Village des bories (28/03/2007)
    That's really pretty, but.. where do I plug my mouse ??
  • Clichés de Camargue (27/03/2007)
    sooo.. "k'marghan" rice comes from Camargue ??
  • Abbaye de Montmajour (26/03/2007)
    This abbey had been built on a rocky headland in a swamp... Are you sure this is a swamp ??
  • Ancien amphithéâtre... Nouvelles arènes ! (23/03/2007)
    Old amphiteater, New arenas !!! whatd'usay ? What 's the problem with my shadow ?
  • Des pierres usées par l'histoire... (22/03/2007)
    Old stones, worn by time... Click on the image to go to a great website (from which comes the picture on the bottom right) about the Roman antic theatre. The steps are interesting because of the historical comment : There, Republican Consuls of Arles...
  • Arles et ses vieilles pierres... (21/03/2007)
    How difficult it is to travel which such a bad weather... Hum ! ;)
  • Une petite série sur Arles...? (20/03/2007)
    There was a lot of mistral (wind only in the South of France)... And that was quite cold !
  • Escapade en Camargue (19/03/2007)
    Quelques comptes-rendus dans les jours qui viennent... --- oui, je sais, je n'ai pas fini ceux de Rome de cet été, mais y'avait tellement de choses à dire...--- Some reports to come those days.... --- yes, I know, I stopped the reports about Roma... but...